Ranger Dog Box

We did a lot of research and price comparison before choosing Brite-N-Lite Dog Boxes to build our custom Polaris Ranger 6-hole dog box. The only thing I can say is, are we glad we did because Mike Walters of Brite-N-Lite Dog Boxes is a top notch professional in his trade. Mike uses heavy duty hardware as a standard in his boxes like stainless steel flush mount latches, gasketed vents and quality door storm covers. Others charge extra for these type of upgrades. Also, his prices on his dog boxes are well below the competition. The quality of the dog box he made for us far exceeded my expectations. I basically got a dog box that was better made at a lower price. Mike is also very polite and a true gentleman as he always communicated back with me when I had questions on dimensions or any other concerns. We worked together on designing a 6-hole dog box that is capable of being used in my Polaris Ranger most of the time but transferrable to my Pickup when necessary. Most custom 6-hole dog boxes are usually mounted to the Polaris frame and that is why I wanted one that could be used as a dual purpose dog box to accomodate both my needs. I have been using this aluminum dog box all season long in both my Polaris and Pickup and it works absolutely perfectly. The box fits like a glove in my Polaris and it bolts to the rails of the Polaris for a very secured ride. It can be removed by one person from the Polaris to the truck and vice versa. It also has two full storage compartments to carry all my gear and any other necessities needed. It also serves as a great place to keep my dogs overnight while on those long hunting trips as it is well insulated and the dogs love to sleep in it. I highly recommend Mike Walters to build your aluminum dog box as he builds his boxes one at a time with the highest quality of hardware and most importantly, builds them right to your specifications the first time. The dimensions for the 6-hole Polaris dog box can be found below. These dimensions also allow enough space for a double shotgun/rifle scabbard to be carried between the back of the dog box and the roll cage on the Polaris Ranger. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any other questions on this 6-hole dog box.

Gasketed vents for each dog hole

Same key locks for all compartments

Heavy duty flush mount latch handles

Box Mounted in Polaris Ranger - Storage 32W X 30H X 6D (each)

Box Mounted in Polaris Ranger : Double storage compartments

Box Mounted in Polaris Ranger - Dog holes 16W X 22H X 32D

Box Mounted in Polaris Ranger - 60W X 44H X 32D (Overall)

Plenty of room & comfort even for the larger Pointers

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