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Rugerheim's Never Say Never (Haley) is an own daughter of FC/AFC Rusty's Blue Earth Rexx. Rexx was a standout in the breed and his bloodlines are evident in many different types of field trial competitors and top gundogs today.  Rexx was owned by my neighbor and friend Steve Lithgow of Waycool Kennels.  Haley is line bred DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon on the bottom side. DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon was the foundation sire for Rugerheim Kennels. I purchased Haley from my good friend Terry Chandler when she was only 8 weeks old.

This picture of Haley was taken when she was only 18 mos old.  Haley deceased some years back but was a great producer of extrordinary gundogs here at Wrangler Kennels.  Our GSP stud Wrangler's Marshal Dillon is out of Haley and we also have a daughter by her named Wrangler's Freedom Belle.  Many of the clients that purchased pups out of this bloodline commonly refer to their dogs as the best hunting dogs they have ever owned. We are extremely lucky to be passing on this bloodline here at Wrangler Kennels.